Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Chapter 1: There is No place like home

Portland i miss your bridges, your bicyclists, your first thursdays, your last thursdays, your North, South, East, and West. i miss all the people that i made memories with the good and the bad. i miss all the people i will not get to know.
But Portland, Oregon if I may call you, we are better off this way. Going to new places and trying out new people.Your roads were too familiar and I was beginning to take you for granted. One day I shall return with a fresh perspective and terms of endearment. That you were more than a location. You were an infinite space within the confines of my heart.
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Michelle said...

what about Alabama?

insomnibus said...

Good start. Now keep posting.

Anna said...

Excitement! I wonder what analogous structures Guatemala City has to Portland's (i.e. the giant purple octopus downtown...)

Sunshine Girl said...

I feel you my sweet. Enjoy your present moment.